May 30, 2017

Updates on the Speculative Fiction Book Club

Don't forget our book club meeting next Friday, June 9 at 7.30 pm!

After Library at Mount Char in May, we pursue the theme of sociopathic unreliable female characters with a chilling mystery classic: We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson.

Here's our plan for the next few months:

July 14th: Forever War by Joe Haldeman

August 11th: Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

September 8: The Earthsea Quartet by Ursula K. Le Guin
(You may want to start reading this one because it comprises the first four books of the Earthsea  cycle. It was scheduled for September so everybody has enough time to finish it).

May 29, 2017

Otherland Speculative Fiction Book Club

The Making of Carolyn


İnci German on Scott Hawkins’ The Library at Mount Char

It is not easy to review Library without giving away too much – as is the case with every book that has a major twist. I even hesitated entitling this entry as I wanted to because I am too scared to spoil anyone’s reading experience. I can safely say though, - and folks at the book club (whether they adored or passionately hated the book) unanimously agreed upon this - this is a major page-turner, a horror-fantasy which is hard to compare to anything you’ve read before. Hawkins certainly knows how to keep you reading and he definitely polarized the OBC.

May 14, 2017

As full of spirit as the month of May…

by Inci German

How spectacularly May 2017 has begun in Berlin!
No, I’m not talking about the revolutionary May 1 rally nor the inevitable catastrophe that was the Eurovision Song Contest for Germany – These were lousy compared to the spring program of the Otherland bookstore! Two top-class double features (Caitlin Sweet/Peter Watts and Ty Franck/Peter Orullian) in one week, followed by the RPG-evening and one of the most fierce book club discussions ever and yet there’s so much to come! I’m talking Anne Leckie (July 26th), Marko Kloos (July 28th) and Roadside Picnic (at the Gatherland) here! It’s all so exciting!

May 4, 2017

Reading with Ty Franck (James Corey) and Peter Orullian

Attention Expansers and Vault of Heaveners!

On Friday May 5, at 8pm, science fiction author Ty Franck (one of the two constitutents of the virtual author James S.A. Corey, The Expanse Series) and fantasy writer/musician Peter Orullian (Vault of Heaven Series) will visit the Otherland Bookshop! So grab your copy of Leviathan Wakes and Caliban's War and Trial of Intentions and whatnot, and BE THERE!