Aug 2, 2017

Otherland Speculative Fiction Book Club Reminder and Miscellaneous

Anne Leckie and Marko Kloos... With headspinning guests, exciting talks and cheery dinners, last week was one of the Otherland's highlights of the year!
But we don't stop there, there is more to come - such as the role playing evening tomorrow evening and our upcoming book club discussion next Friday.

Ever imagined what the world would be like if everybody (or most of them) died? In Station Eleven Emily St John Mandel gives us her own post-apocalyptic vision with wandering theater groups performing Shakespeare, an airport used to preserve the last remaining artifacts of human civilization and a doomsday prophet with a much unusual source of inspiration for his religion. Copies available in abundance at the Otherland as always!
Mark your calendar: Friday August 11, 7.30 pm at the bookstore as usual.

Coming soon: More reviews of both books and movies - sorry for the irreguarities. I know the blog has turned into a kind of messsage board lately but that will change and we'll have plenty of OBC writeups and articles on here, so hang on!