Mar 24, 2020

Book Recommendations March 2020

Dear Friends and Customers,

As you will know from our last newsletter, the Otherland is still open - however, we kindly ask you to wait outside if you see that there are five or more customers already inside, and keep your distance from other customers while you're shopping. We take a lot of care to make your visit as safe as possible for you and everyone else.
Of course, you can also just order your books - just write us an e-mail or call us (for the time being under +4915901500988); and by the way, we're quite happy to talk books and give recommendations on the phone!
You can also order surprise book packages - just tell us the following:

- Which genre do you prefer?
- Do you want your books in German or in English?
- What have you recently read?
- How many books do you want, and/or how much do you want to spend?

... then we'll send you your books and an invoice by mail!

If you want to come by, but minimize your exposure, you can also write us in advance which books you want; we'll pack them in a bag for you and include an invoice.

Stay safe, stay well - and take care of yourself and of others!

Mar 19, 2020

Newsletter in times of Corona

Dear Friends and Customers,

since in Berlin bookshops are allowed to stay open (for now) we can still welcome you at our shop! However, this might change at a days notice, which is quite as it should be: However much we care about keeping the Otherland open, we care more about flattening the curve ... that's why all events at the Otherland in the coming weeks are cancelled.

We are trying to make your visit at the Otherland as safe for you - and for us - as possible. We take care of hand hygiene at the counter, and we would ask you to keep your distance from other customers; also, if there are already five or more customers in the Otherland, we would kindly ask you to wait outside until another customer leaves.
The corona virus apparently dies within 24 hours on paper - so it probably can't hurt to put your books to  the side for a day before reading them. In general, let's take good care of each other!

For everyone who prefers to (or has to) stay home, we offer shipping to any German address on invoice - just send us an e-mail or call us. We are also happy to discuss and recommend books at the phone. Please try to call within our opening hours, and try again if the line is busy! You can also send us your telephone number by e-mail and have us call you.

As it happens, our telephone is not working quite right at the moment - if you can't reach us at 030 69505117, please try 015901500988 .

Within the next few days, you'll get our regular newsletter with book recommendations - we'll shine a spotlight on all-time favourites, which we stock in sufficient quantity to get them to you in a timely fashion!

Please stay safe, keep each other safe, give help were you can, ask for help if you need it!

Mar 14, 2020

Current Situation at the Otherland

I am terribly sorry but ALL events that we had announced for March are cancelled in order to help stopping the further spreading of the corona virus.

That includes:
  •  The reading event tonight, March 14th, with Irish fantasy author Daniel Keyes on his book The Fall of the Phoenix
  • The Gatherland on March 19
  • The Horror Special Book Club discussion on March 27 about Kij Johnson's At the Mouth of the River of Bees
  • The reading and QA with Ken Liu and Xia Jia on March 29
Terribly sorry to disappoint you, but we'd be more disappointed in ourselves if we made you sick. So try and stay healthy and promised we'll try to catch up on missed events in better times!

PS. The book club yesterday evening on Kate Heartfield's Armed in Her Fashion DID take place, even though I forgot to post the announcement as I usually do, because I and my mind were crazy busy last week BUT let me shortly state that on my second reading I liked this book even more than the first time and would even retract my previous point of critique that it has a pacing problem towards the middle. Wish Kate Heartfield all the best finding a new publisher for it!