Apr 12, 2017

Reading with Caitlin Sweet and Peter Watts

Hooray we have guests!

Caitlin Sweet (The Pattern Scars, The Door in the Mountain, The Flame in the Maze) and
Peter Watts (Blindsight, Echopaxia) are paying a visit to the Otherland Bookshop for a joint reading event on May 3rd, 8 pm!!! Yes they are! And yes, admission is free as always!

Superb writing, excellent worldbuilding, the guts to bring up the ugly, the uncomfortable, the creepy - Fantasy author Caitlin Sweet has it all. I'm pretty picky when it comes to fantasy, and even I am genuinely enchanted by her writing, surely she'll win all Otherlanders over in a walk!

At our last Gatherland meeting many eyes started to shine when the name "Peter Watts" was mentioned. Yes, there's a bona-fide hard SF-fanbase eagerly waiting to hear more about the disturbingly brilliant first-contact-novel Blindsight and its equally ingenious sidequel Echopraxia.

This will be a great evening and You, dear Otherlander, should definitely be there. So mark your calendar!

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