Apr 19, 2019

A Terrific Evening!

Elizabeth Hand has called him a "literary cult waiting to happen", City Magazine said he is Sweden's new horror king and I had previously claimed he is the man who ruins things for his readers (because he writes them so scarily!).

But Mats Strandberg who visited us for a chatter evening on Tuesday, is above all a genuinely nice and fun guy who might just well be one of the biggest horror fans I have encountered. And when you meet those great horror fans, what you do is sit down with them and pick their brains (which is what we did)! It was an awesome evening where Mats told us about his literary work and we talked about horror movies, books, Stephen King, Twin Peaks, Swedish crime,...
...cannibalism, nursing homes, company outings and vampires on cruises, of course. Speaking of which, Blood Cruise is now available in English at the Otherland. His other books are waiting to be translated into English yet, but you can find both Die Überfahrt (Färjan) and Das Heim (Hemmet) in our German horror shelves.

It was a super evening with Mats and Johan and I hope they come back soon!

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