Oct 28, 2019

Final Girls Berlin Halloween Bash

The Final Girls Berlin strike again!
No plans on the scariest night of the year? Too many good showings on Halloween and you don't know what to choose? Why not join me at the Final Girls Berlin Bash! It will be fun, promise!
See their  announcement on facebook:

Summer is (thankfully) over and it‘s time to celebrate Halloween with the Final Girls Berlin Film Festival! Watch a selection of 2019‘s best horror shorts made by women followed by a 5th anniversary screening of THE BABADOOK (2014), Jennifer Kent‘s incredibly creepy film about a single mother, her troubled young son, and a most sinister creature. There will also be a costume contest, so let your imagination fly and come in costume for a chance to win a prize!

20:00 – Final Girls Filmfest – Best of Shorts 2019!

Call Girl (5:50)
Directed by Jill Gevargizian, US, 2014
In one man's attempt to exploit his date night via video-chat, he ends up sharing something far more disturbing.

Asian Girls (6:33)
Written and directed by Hyun Lee, Australia, 2017
Chan is a Chinese factory worker who lives alone. Every night, she suffers from horrific nightmares involving the woman in the apartment next door, a Japanese office worker.

The Party (16:18)
Directed by Mackenzie Bartlett, US, 2018
When Sarah forgets to invite Matt to the party, her friends just can’t let it go. They’ve been working so hard to plan the perfect night.

Road Trash (6:12)
Directed by Natasha Pascetta, US, 2018
Alice can't help but bury every dead animal she comes across. One day, she buries something she never should have touched and pays for her kind act dearly.

I Am Albert (2:28)
Directed by Aurélia Raoull, France, 2018
A brother and sister give their grandmother a new dog for Christmas to ease the passing of her last pup, but they don’t realize that granny isn’t as sweet as she seems...

Entropia (14:54)
Directed by Marinah Janello, US, 2018
Loneliness and an obsession with vanity have pushed one woman to take unconventional measures to find happiness. Symbols of birth, death and rebirth grace the film and asks the audience to ponder the question: How far would you go to turn back time?

Nightmommy (5:28)
Written, produced, and directed by Maïra Rachmadiev, The Netherlands, 2018
Is the baby monitor just being hacked or is there something else going on? Lea, the babysitter, may soon find out.

Nepenthes (5:18)
Directed by Ariel Hansen, Canada, 2018
Max is desperate to make a meaningful connection, but when she decides to meet an online dating match at home she gets herself into a painfully sticky situation.

Nose Nose Nose Eyes! (13:50)
Directed by Jiwon Moon, Korea, 2018
A ten year old girl witnesses her mother tending to her ill father, but she soon realizes that caretaking isn’t supposed to look like this.

Mouse (11:12)
Directed by Celine Held & Logan George, US, 2017
Fueled by coke, a desperate couple attempts to capitalize on an unlikely opportunity.

21:30 - Costume Contest

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