Oct 12, 2019

Nate Crowley Back at the Otherland

Hooray, Nate is back!
We first got to know him last year, when we read The Death and Life of Schneider Wreck for our book club. Later in the year he and his family came to visit the Otherland for a reading and a visit to the Berlin Aquarium. Meanwhile we call him a friend of the House Otherland and are thrilled that he is visiting us again yet for another reading!
Nate will be here this Wednesday, October 16th at 8 pm and meet with his Berlin fan-base, reading from previously unpublished material (very exciting!) and answering all you ever wanted to know about him.
So grab your Schneider's and pop in, we're up for a fun and relaxed evening of reading and chatting and nice writing!

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