Nov 30, 2019

Advent Calendar: First Wormhole

From the 1st until the 24th of December, we'll present you a reading tip from our holidays newsletter on this blog - and another reading tip, in German, on our website! Our first advent wormhole actually leads to the same book in both cases ...

Naomi Novik
Spinning Silver
Charleen says: It isn’t often that Wolf and I agree on great fantasy because we have different tastes, but here we actually do agree, as he recommended this book in German translation. Naomi Novik’s stand alone novels Uprooted and Spinning Silver are absolutely magical retellings of slighty familiar fairytales and folktales from Eastern Europe (thanks to her Polish grandma, as Novik mentioned in an interview). This one is a thrilling mix of Rumpelstiltskin and the white walkers (kinda nice ones) from Game of Thrones. From time to time, it gets a bit spooky, so maybe not a great gift for kids, but an awesome read for adults nonetheless.

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