Dec 2, 2019

Advent Calendar: Second Wormhole

From the 1st until the 24th of December, we'll present you a reading tip from our holidays newsletter on this blog - and another reading tip, in German, on our website! Let's go for another double-feature where we the same book (or rather, series of books) is waiting behind our wormhole in both languages ...

Ian McDonald
Luna Trilogy (Luna, Wolf Moon, Moon Rising)
Caro says:
Murderous family feuds like in The Godfather?
A gigantic econominal network with all the opportunities it offers - and all its pitfalls?
A complex social fabric, where social decline literally means losing the air that you breathe?
Sex that don't feel forced, but that people are just having, as they do in real life?
Futuristic cocktails? Crazy sports? Artificial killer bugs?
Multi-layered, ambivalent characters who are constantly struggling to either get along with or kill each other?
A brillant setting: The Moon! Where one wrong step means death. Where people are travelling on a daily basis, but it's still the adventure of their lives. Where staying to long means that you will never be able to return to earth. But who would be deterred by that??
All that and much more -- iiiin Luna!

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