Dec 5, 2019

Advent Calendar: Fifth Wormhole

From the 1st until the 24th of December, we'll present you a reading tip from our holidays newsletter on this blog - and another reading tip, in German, on our website! Our fifth wormhole over here on the English blog leads to Nigeria - and from there, much, much further ...

Tade Thompson
Rosewater Insurrection
Rosewater Redemption

Inci says: To say that Tade Thompson does not disappoint in his third installment and the grand finale of the Wormwood-Trilogy would be the understatement of the year 2019… Very seldom have I had the feeling that in a trilogy every new book is better than the previous one, and nowhere else did I experience this more than with this afrofuturistic first-contact story. He has a way with world-building, a crazy, lively, humorous way that pulls you right in and does not let go. I was mesmerized with Rosewater, completely smitten with Insurrection and could not be happier with the concluding Redemption.
So following Insurrection's head-turning events, the city-state Rosewater must learn to deal with its newly acquired independence and the aliens have started to occupy the void human bodies as was promised to them. Not without problems though… To prevent a total alien invasion, the world needs to put its trust in a group of very unlikely heroes and heroines - Kaaro, Femi and the ever so infamous bicycle girl.
I am amazed by how Thompson always succeeds in advancing his universe so consistently, in developing the plot so logically and vividly! This last book has so many plots, described in such a rich, viscerous way that it blew my mind. His characters stay as alive, uplifting and fun as in the previous books and the interesting buildup where every little detail you encounter could be a major plot point in the next book is also kept.
Since the last two books of the series both were published in 2019, I feel like I have been constantly reading Rosewater this year, and I feel so super-attached to Kaaro, Aminat and Femi that it breaks my heart a little that they won’t be there any more. So the only thing bad I have to say about Redemption is that it concludes this stellar trilogy, and it is spectacular.

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