Dec 17, 2019

Advent Calendar: 17th Wormhole

Simon's enthusiasm for this RPG-collection is so catchy that he just might convert even bona fide non-gamers with the 17th wormhole!

Michael Curtis
DCC RPG Lankhmar Complete Collection

Simon says: DCC RPG, that’s Dungeon Crawl Classics Roleplaying Game, an old school system that borrows most of its rules and almost all of its mindset from the oldest editions of Dungeons & Dragons, but adds some quirky “modern” spice to it that makes it one of the most exciting, hilarious, surprising gaming experiences in the field. Believe me, I have played it a lot and saw many a player character die (and survive) in spectacular ways.
Goodman Games now released a supplement for this game, detailing Lankhmar, the city of Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser, the unforgettable heroes of Fritz Leibers fantasy stories. Packaged in one of the most beautiful boxes that were published in the last couple of years, it just bursts with material. Background information, new rules, all kinds of tables, scenarios, a judge’s screen, maps, stuff, stuff, stuff, there’s hardly half a millimeter space left in the box.
With the Complete Collection you get 8 additional modules on top of what comes already with the box. You are set for years of material and adventure with this extraordinary heap of DCC goodness. And it is also easily the best researched roleplaying line for Lankhmar and the world of Leiber’s heroes ever publishes. As soon as you hold this treasure box in your hand, the holidays commence.

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