Dec 4, 2019

Advent Calendar: Fourth Wormhole

From the 1st until the 24th of December, we'll present you a reading tip from our holidays newsletter on this blog - and another reading tip, in German, on our website!

Adrian Tchaikovsky
Cage of Souls
Caro says: You can read Cage of Souls as an adventure-novel were the fearless and the frightened alike battle terrible monsters in the desert, in the swamp, in caves underground – everywhere! They even battle each other!! To the death!!!
You can read Cage of Souls as a study of humankind. What is it, what can it be and where are its limits? We are at a breaking point and there aren’t many of us left. Can we survive as a species? Should we?
In a world where the sun is dying, you can read about the Cage of Souls which is a prison, which is this doomed world of ours, which is your own mind. But it doesn’t have to be or at least not for everybody. Who are those that emerge from this cage superior? The genius who unleashes hidden powers of the mind? The eyeless huntermonsters of the jungle? The artificial man who radiates love? The scorpion-beast that developed an intelligence? Or the timetraveller from the past who only wishes to return there as fast as possible?Buy this book for your friends! It could be interesting to find out what they read.

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